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Melisses Gallery: Two-side blue printing on twisted handle bags

Melisses Gallery is the brainchild of Maria Mitseli and Nicky Bee, two friends from Thessaloniki, [...]

The Boardroom: Black printing on Gofrato paper bags

The Boardroom was founded in Switzerland by the Greek Diana Markakis and refers to the [...]

Showroom 47 powered by Eudokia: Non-woven bags with logo printing

We are getting closer to the opening of schools and tutoring centers, so today we [...]

The Shell – Dimitris Roussetos: Gold hot-foil printing on luxury packaging

On the beautiful Cycladic Island of Andros is housed “the Shell” by the sculptor Dimitris [...]

Biokon – 20 years: Non-woven shoulder bags with logo printing

Biokon medical and biotechnological products Ltd. (Biokon Medical) has been operating in the field of [...]

Éteo – drops of blessing: Bottle packaging bags with logo

Éteo – drops of blessing Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a product of [...]

Agora boutique shop: White packaging with gold silk-screen printed logo

If the road takes you to Greek island Milos for your holidays this year, you [...]

Oriad Athens: Silver hot-foil printing on cosmetics & skincare packaging

It all started at the beginning of 2020 when the pandemic lockdown brought an urgent [...]

Europa Security: Flexographic printing on eco paper bags

Europa Security was founded in 1992 in Kalamata, with the aim of studying, supplying, installing [...]

Marakakis jewellery: Jewellery packaging with logo

Consistency & uniformity: Two keywords in the field of packaging that will ensure you the [...]