The Shell – Dimitris Roussetos: Gold hot-foil printing on luxury packaging

The Shell Andros: Packaging types for sculpture products.

On the beautiful Cycladic Island of Andros is housed “the Shell” by the sculptor Dimitris Roussetos.

The much-anticipated art venue opened earlier this month, presenting to the public stunning works of wood such as the masterful olive trunk thrones, decorative and utilitarian objects made of stone and building materials as well as finely crafted jewelry.

In “Shell” there are also works of other artists such as those of Yiannis Pantzopoulos, ceramics by Thekla Foundou, paintings and fabrics by Elena Kamariari.

NewMan Packaging was present with the packaging of these works of art, consisting of jewelry boxes from the Etoile – lizard collection and fabric with ribbon, as well as Burano luxury bags.

All the above packaging items are black in color and the printing technique used for the logo is called gold hot-foil printing (or thermal printing or metal printing in gold color), both on the inside from the lid of the boxes and on the outside surface of the bags.

Jewellery bags and boxes with logo printing.
Gold hot-foil printing on wholesale branded packaging.
The Shell Andros: Packaging types for sculpture products.

The Etoile box that was chosen is made of lizard skin leatherette, while inside it has a pad with hooks for placing necklaces and chains.

It has the size of 10.5×15.3×3.8cm and you can see the rest of the boxes in the series by clicking the link here.

The next boxes chosen are fabric grosgrain with built-in satin ribbon inside and lined with holes and a hoop for placing earrings and motifs.

It has the size of 7.8×7.8x6cm while you can see the children’s jewellery box series here.

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Gold hot-foil printing on wholesale branded packaging.
Gold hot foil printing on wholesale branded packaging

Burano bags are made of 200gr luxury paper with thick inner paper on the bottom for reinforcement.

They are black inside-out, having a black cotton cord as a handle and gold logo.

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From the collection of Burano bags, the sizes 17x13x7cm and 27x18x7cm were selected, and you can see all the sizes in the link here.

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Jewellery bags and boxes with logo printing.
Jewellery bags and boxes with logo printing

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