Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

Questions and Answers

Our company specializes in packaging products.

More specifically, it deals with three different areas:

✓ the packaging for stores and jewellery stands (,
✓ the production of packaging with your customized logo ( &
✓ DIY products for making gifts (

Packaging addresses to businesses is sold in wholesale prices and quantities. However, if you want to, you can buy our products as long as you buy the same minimum quantities which are available to wholesalers, but in a retail price. The “Do It Yourself” department operates in individuals with some exceptions in specific products.

You can find the minimum quantities of each product on the pages of our site separately (next to the term “add to cart”).

For custom orders – printed packaging, the minimum quantities depend on the type of the packaging you want to print, the printing technique that will be chosen and the number of colors that you want to print.

Collect all the previous information and send us an e-mail at in order to be informed about the MOQ and the relevant costs.

If your ordered products are in stock, the approximate shipment time is 7 working days.

If the SKUs are out of stock, you will get informed from our sales representatives for the required shipping time or they will propose to you another similar SKU, depending on your needs.

In case of custom orders – printed packaging:

  • For products in stock, the required shipping time is 10-15 working days.
  • For products out of stock, the required shipping time is 20-45 working days (depending on the product design and production process).

For none printed products, contact us via telephone call at +30 2103228180 or e-mail at in order to replace the faulty products or give you a credit balance for the order of another product. Money refunds are NOT acceptable, as well as refunds for dragees & candies.

Consumers have a right of withdrawal for non-printed products within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days, returning the product in its original state, with bearing the return – shipping costs.

Printed products cannot be returned.

Yes, we can ship wholesale products all over the world, even in remote areas. We cooperate with many transportation companies and couriers. We always evaluate the ordered quantities. Orders can only be shipped abroad if they include products with a total value of more than €200.

Our store is located in Syntagma, Thiseos 10. We are waiting for your visit any time during our working hours (Mon.-Fri: 09:00-16:00 & Sat.: 09:00-15:00). If you wish to participate in products sampling for custom orders, it is highly recommended that you arrange a meeting with the manager in our store, flexible hours.

You should send us your Logo as a vector graphic in the color you want to print or in black and white.

Find examples of vector files are as follows:

Vector files

  1. Illustrator .ai file (fonts converted to outline)
  2. Corel .cdr file (fonts converted to curves)
  3. Encapsulated PostScript .eps file
  4. Scalable Vector Graphics .svg file
  5. Drawing exchange format .dxf file
  6. Portable document format .pdf file (not as an image as a vector file)

If you do not have any of the above and you know which font has been used for your logo creation, either send us the font, or tell us the name of the font and we will see if we have it or try to find it.

If you don’t have or don’t know the font, the next best is a black and white high-resolution image file as the following:

Image files

  1. Tagged image file format .tif or .tiff file (preferably 300dpi and as large as possible)
  2. Joint Photographic Experts Group .jpeg file (κατά προτίμηση στα 300dpi και όσο πιο μεγάλο γίνεται)

If after this we can still not create an editable version of your logo, then we will have to re-design it from scratch, which will mean an extra cost that will depend on the difficulty of the design.

Our graphic department is highly experienced in designing new logos and brand names. This process, though, will cost you more, and the sum depends on the difficulty of the design. More information can be collected in F.A.Q. no 8.

After posing your order, we will get in touch with you concerning the shipping details, the transportation fees and the products availability. You do not pay directly after your order submission in our e-shop.

The user can choose one of the following methods of payment: credit card, PayPal, Viva Payments or cash on delivery. Accepted credit cards are those shown on the order placing system on the website.