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Jewellery folding boxes or jewellery display trays? Pros and cons

Jewelry sampling has always been an important part of a goldsmith’s and jewelry maker’s daily [...]

40 years … NewMan Packaging

NewMan has been operating in the packaging and handicrafts field, since 1982. Sharing passion, endeavor [...]

Why is it worth investing in a packaging for Easter candles?

Godfathers, godmothers & shopkeepers with seasonal items, Easter season is near & it’s time to [...]

3 popular packaging trends in 2022

We are already in the first month of 2022 and many stores have already started [...]

Digital printing on cylindrical boxes

Cylindrical boxes by NewMan Packaging have been loved by more and more companies looking for [...]

How much do NewMan printed packaging products cost?

Many times, you see impressive prints on custom products on Instagram or Pinterest and wonder [...]

Cylindrical boxes with digital printing – NewMan

Having 40 years’ experience in the market, we decided to present you a fresh packaging [...]

Custom stamp with Logo

We can create your custom stamp with your logo or picture. The stamps are in [...]

What is Silk Screening?

Silk Screen Printing As its name implies, this printing technique relies on a screen, which [...]

Hot Foil printing – What is it?

What is Hot Foil printing technique? If you want to add a touch of luxury [...]