40 years … NewMan Packaging


NewMan has been operating in the packaging and handicrafts field, since 1982.

Sharing passion, endeavor and love for whatever we do, we try every day to offer you quality luxury packaging ideas and solutions that give you the competitive advantage and an added value to both your brand and your customers.

NewMan is not a big, multinational company.

For us, it is our home, our family and, as we hope, the next generations’ future…

We started our first steps in a small shop “in Thiseos street” with a few packaging products.

In 2004, we took a big risk, moving and expanding our business to a much larger store with many more products.


From simple packaging, we are now specializing both in luxury jewelry packaging and DIY materials for weddings, baptisms and home decoration.

We are waiting for you all at a big celebration party, on Saturday 04/06/2022 from 09:00-15:00, with treats and special gifts for the lucky winners!

A big competition “runs” on the NewMan Instagram account to select 4 big winners who will get a 40% discount on their next purchase in view of our 40th anniversary of NewMan.

The contest concerns both retail and wholesale customers.

So, if the road leads you to the center of Athens for your shopping, come to our NewMan store, 10 Thiseos street, Syntagma to celebrate with us, surrounded by your favorite packaging and decoration items!

We are waiting for you all!