Personalized Custom Printed Pouches

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Minimum quantity

The MOQ for the suede pouches is 100 pieces in small sizes & 50 pieces in large sizes, while for the fabric pouches is 250 pieces.

Fast Shipment

The order is ready to be shipped 25-30 days after receipt of deposit.

When you order pouches, it's good to know

The minimum quantity for unprinted suede pouches is 100 and 50 pieces depending on the pouch size and design.

The MOQ for unprinted fabric pouches is 250 pieces.

For all of those who wish to print their Logo we suggest that while choosing pouch and printing color, that you aim to create a nice contrast of pouch and Logo color always keeping in mind the style and aesthetics you would like to project. After all your pouches will be used to carry unique products – your products – and our objective, through packaging and printing, is to represent you in the best possible way.  

To print your Logo, please send the design as a vector graphic, if you don’t have a Logo then our creative department will design it for you.

After we have agreed on the final design which we will send to you by e-mail for approval, we will then produce the embossed printing dies required for printing according to the size of the pouches you have selected. This procedure is for the hot-foil f silk-screen printing, and the cost is 30.00€ plus 15.00€ for each extra size die required for larger sizes.

In the case of printing by de-bossing we follow the same procedure except that the dies are made from magnesium 7mm thickness and cost 50.00€ plus 25.00€ for each extra size die required for larger sizes.

Don’t forget that with the initial cost of your printing dies, we can also print for you other packaging you may require like labels, boxes or paper bags, as long as your die sizes match the products you want to print.

First Print set-up cost

The set-up printing cost is € 30.00.

FREE Reordering
set-up cost

Never pay the First Print set-up cost for reordering with the same logo.

Free Design Assist

You don't have to pay for the design and logo editing. It is FREE of charge!

SSL Encryption

Your information is always encrypted during the order registration.

Why Printed Pouches?

We encourage you to print your logo on pouches, because this is the best possible way to promote your business and the identity of your brand. At the same time you protect and present your products with a high aesthetic packaging – these pouches are ideal to store jewels like rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, cosmetics and all kinds of small items and gifts.

A Luxury packaging shows the respect of the brand to the consumer, and your assessment to your stable customers and the customer base you have built with great effort. Create a competitive advantage in the market, with personalized, and easy-to-use pouches that they are ideal for courier transport since they are small and they can fit everywhere!


Hot foil printing is a technique were a process whereby metallic foil is applied to the surface of the paper, leather, plastic, fabric using either a manually-operated or pneumatic (air-powered) machine. The result? A truly stunning effect that pulls out details of the design in a metallic or colored sheen.

The rotogravure is an engraved printing method like hot foil printing with the difference that we dont use of the colored foil, meaning that we just engrave the product with your logo without a color. Our company offers a variety of high-quality products suitable for any type of printing technique!


As its name implies, this printing technique relies on a screen, which is a woven piece of fabric. Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that allows ink to transfer onto the material. A roller or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, forcing or pumping ink past the threads of the woven mesh in the open areas.

The textile industry probably makes the largest use of the screen-printing technique. Screen printing is used to print on fabrics ranging from cotton and organza to silk and polyester. These fabrics are then made into finished products. The finished products include shirts, skirts, dresses, children’s clothing and any kind of clothing made from printed the fabric. In fact, many designers set up their own screen-printing units since they are so cheap.

The designer then creates his or her own design and screen prints it in limited quantities for sale with his or her brand label.  Screen printing is also used for upholstery, linen, curtains, drapes, cushion covers, bed sheets, bedcovers and other household and lifestyle requirements.

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