The Boardroom: Black printing on Gofrato paper bags

The Boardroom: Black printing on Gofrato paper bags

The Boardroom was founded in Switzerland by the Greek Diana Markakis and refers to the creation of a private initiative for a networking space for accomplished women, professionals and senior executives.

Its goal is to prepare and support capable women with high training, in order to occupy positions on Boards of Directors and to contribute with their experience to the strategic development of companies.

The Boardroom: Εκτύπωση λογότυπου σε τσάντες δώρου.
Χάρτινες λευκές τσάντες πολυτελείας χονδρικής με τύπωμα επωνυμίας.
Μαύρη μεταξοτυπία σε χάρτινες επώνυμες συσκευασίες.

It counts over 100 female members of the largest firms internationally and after its one year of existence has expanded to the United States, as well as Europe, including Germany, Denmark and Greece.

The Boardroom has developed a holistic approach to the preparation of prospective board members, with a view to strengthening Corporate Governance and diversity, equity and inclusion at board level.

NewMan Packaging company printed paper packaging bags that will be used as part of corporate events and activities, using black silk-screen printing method.

White wholesale luxury paper bags with brand name printing.
White wholesale luxury paper bags with brand name printing

More specifically, the luxury bags chosen belong to the “Gofrato – NewMan luxury paper bags” series, made from 230g. white paper with white cotton cord as a handle.

Their size is 27x18x7cm and the ‘the Boardroom’ logo was printed on the lower right side of the bag using the black silk-screen printing technique.

Inside, there is an extra layer of thick cardboard at the bottom of the bag that provides greater safety and protection when transporting the packaged products.

Black silk-screen printing on branded paper packaging.
Black silk screen printing on branded paper packaging

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