Melisses Gallery: Two-side blue printing on twisted handle bags

Melisses Gallery: Blue brand name print on eco paper shopping bags.

Melisses Gallery is the brainchild of Maria Mitseli and Nicky Bee, two friends from Thessaloniki, Greece, who share a creative vision about producing, selecting and suggesting a variety of unique and original quality handmade goods that make everyday life prettier.

Melisses Gallery: Μπλε εταιρικό τύπωμα σε χάρτινες οικολογικές σακούλες καταστήματος.
Οικολογικές χαρτοσακούλες με μπλε εκτύπωση.
Επαγγελματικές συσκευασίες χονδρικής με τύπωμα λογότυπου.

Maria Mitseli is a jewellery maker, while Nicky Bee focuses on painting and crafting a wide range of art objects.

Their handmade endeavors, produced with love and care, are sold exclusively in Melisses Gallery shops, alongside a wide range of art, produced either by well-known designers, or by emerging, little known, yet very talented artists.

All collections are painstakingly outsourced from all over Greece, encouraging and supporting local and independent artists.

Eco-friendly paper carrier bags with blue printing.
Eco friendly paper carrier bags with blue printing

NewMan company has created impressive eco-friendly carrier bags with a twist handle to package their products.

These bags belong to the collection “White Twisted Handle Bags – NewMan“, from which the sizes 18x14cm + 8cm bottom, 22x18cm + 8cm bottom and 28x22cm + 10cm bottom were selected.

The eco-friendly shopping bags were printed with “Melisses Gallery” logo, the company’s store locations and website address in blue color chosen from the Pantone palette.

The printing was made on both sides of the bag and the techniques of silk-screen printing and flexography were used for their manufacture.

Wholesale professional packaging with logo print.
Wholesale professional packaging with logo print

See a similar series with NewMan eco paper bags in Kraft color here.

If you are still confused of what bag to print, feel free to check our portfolio with previous projects.

Learn about silk-screen printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

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