New bottle packaging case study by NewMan

New bottle packaging case study by NewMan

If your company operates in alcoholic or non-alcoholic production, perfumes, ceramics or you are in search of packaging boxes for bottles, jars, drinking glasses filled with some liquid, then this article is specially made for you.

Μελέτη σχεδιασμού συσκευασίας κουτιών για μπουκάλια από την εταιρεία NewMan.
Μελέτη σχεδιασμού κουτιών για μπουκάλια από την εταιρεία NewMan.
Με ειδικές προδιαγραφές και χωρητικότητα τριών μπουκαλιών, τα δείγματα κουιών NewMan εντυπωσιάζουν.
Υψηλή ποιότητα σχεδιασμού και παραγωγής κουτιών για μπουκάλια.
Παραγωγή εξατομικευμένων κουτιών συσκευασίας.

With passion, lots of love about our job and 40 years’ experience in professional box manufacturing, with retail and wholesale departments, we are willing to help you find the perfect packaging that will elevate your products.

Packaging design study by NewMan for bottle boxes.
Packaging design study by NewMan for bottle boxes

We deeply examine your needs, your company’s profile and values, offering you complete packaging solutions and relevant assembly, maintenance and repair after-sales services.

Custom-made NewMan sample boxes, whose capacity is for three bottles.
Custom made NewMan sample boxes whose capacity is for three bottles

This specific packaging case study refers to rigid boxes for bottles that will be offered either as gifts to your beloved or as awards to giveaways and corporate events.

Bottle boxes of high-quality design and production.
Bottle boxes of high quality design and production

A box, apart from storing and delivering products safely and securely, can be used both as a decorative element in your room and a way to promote your business.

Custom-produced packaging boxes.
Custom produced packaging boxes

If you want to place a custom order in boxes or other packaging products, NewMan Packaging is next to you, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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