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Giorgos Taxidis: Hot foil printing on custom made boxes

Some products such as photos, albums, picture frames, silverware, perfumes and clothes are big and [...]

Vadal jewelry: Logo printing on paper jewellery boxes

It all started many years ago with small amateur steps in jewelry making inspired by [...]

Eudaimonia Jewelry: Logo printing on jewellery boxes and pouches

“Eudaimonia”: eu (good) + demon (God, but also spirit / soul, self) “Eudaimonia” has its [...]

A Magic Cabinet & Navarino Icons: De-boss printing on Christmas packaging box

In the southwestern Peloponnese, in one of the most enchanting coastal landscapes of the Mediterranean [...]

Fresh Line: Digital and hot-foil printing on festive cylinder boxes

Behind each Fresh Line product there is an ancient story and an intensive study, which [...]

Paella Beachwear: What is a beachwear box doing at Christmas?

And yes… do not rush to tell us “Out of date” because a packaging box [...]

Duke Jewels: Logo printing on tissue paper and packaging boxes

Duchesses always struck the happy medium between the royalty and the rest of the society. [...]

Drops Jewellery: Handmade jewellery boxes with logo printing

It’s all about moments in time. “We don’t remember days, we remember moments” is drops [...]

Loomy: Customized paper boxes with marble effect

Loomy store offers unique, handmade jewelry made of Miyuki beads; hand embroidered one by one. [...]

Bridal Treasure Studio: Printed packaging boxes for wedding flower arrangements

Maria Christoforidou is the inspirer of the e-shop Bridal Treasure Studio, which arose from her [...]