Handora: elegance in jewellery and packaging

Handora is not just an online jewellery store. The company is about the dream of Theodora and Chrysa, who share their love for fashion and style with their jewellery and bring out the personality of every woman. Their goal is to fill the Greek market with the most beautiful and high quality jewelry!

The brand’s approach to fashion is done with creativity and passion that can be seen in all their work, whether it’s jewelry or packaging. With collections that aim to enhance the beauty of every woman they embrace their products with luxurious NewMan packaging.

Having as a priority the customer’s pleasure, Handora emphasizes not only the quality of its jewelry, but also the packaging. More specifically, you will find her steel pieces in handmade Greek-made boxes dressed with embossed paper in the cypress color that characterizes the brand. The boxes are printed using the gold printing method, adding luxury to the packaging and giving a three-dimensional feel to the brand name. Inside the boxes you will find Handora’s beautiful jewellery protected in a high quality velvet.

The love and care for what they do is of course evident in the bags they chose to accompany their packaging. The bags in the Gofrato range are made from luxury white grained paper and cotton eco-strings and were also printed using the Handora branded gold print method.
Furthermore, their packaging includes unprinted touch paper, e-shop boxes, as well as self-adhesive labels in the distinctive cypress green colour with Handora gold print. This type of packaging is a priority for any e-shop that respects its customers and wants its jewellery to reach them in perfect condition.

By buying Handora jewellery you not only update your personal style with affordable steel jewellery, but you become the recipient of a luxurious packaging experience that will capture the love of the brand within you.
Elegance has a name and it’s Handora.
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