Africanism Collection: woven clothing labels with logo

Empowerment, sustainability and interconnectedness: three words and many colours characterise the Africanism Collection. It is one of the brands where our collaboration transcends the boundaries and limitations of space, culture and packaging. But let’s see why…

The philosophy behind the creation

This unique clothing collection was inspired by the colours and different techniques that people around the world use when creating clothing. More specifically, Dora and Elpidoforos’ volunteer trips with Wheeling2Help to Africa and Asia were a milestone in the creation of a brand that is not only about the world of fashion, but has a dual nature.

Africanism Collection clothes connect different cultures and promote the culture of “Slow and Ethical Fashion”. At the same time, through the brand, women in Africa are empowered economically and morally by increasing their self-esteem and making their dreams come true.

Our work: Woven clothing labels with logo

NewMan created woven clothing labels to be featured in the Africanism Collection creations. The labels are cut using ultrasonic cutting and have a soft oudy finish. The clarity of the letters is due to maximum detail processing which guarantees that your brand will be clearly erased no matter how small or thin the letters are.

The minimum order quantity for woven labels is approximately 1000 pieces per size. Furthermore, the labels can be folded in the middle or at the edges to facilitate their sewing on the clothes.

See photos of printed NewMan stickers in the “Photos” section of our site here.

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Photo Credit: Newman Co. 2022