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Bima: Custom made box with logo

BI.MA. S.A. was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing integrated consulting services to [...]

BSoD: Printed custom made box

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), officially known as a Stop error or Blue Screen error, [...]

Olivelab Naturals: Ribbon clothing label tags with printing

OLIVELAB NATURALS products that are handcrafted in Greece, are produced with 100% natural, certified materials. [...]

Georgette Lingerie: Colorful satin ribbons with embossed gold printing

The choice of the right packaging is not made by chance… It matches the personality [...]

Vassia Kostara Limited Collections: Dark green packaging boxes with logo

The renowned fashion designer Vassia Kostara creates the impressive collections of Vassia Kostara branded clothes [...]

RezArte: Cotton ribbons with printing for tailor-made clothes

RezArte team, with a lot of love for the fabric and its origin, having the [...]

Cynthia by Andromachi: Logo printing on tissue paper

Something new, something unique, something special in the field of women’s clothing consists a very [...]

K.art gallery – Arthouros Antonian: Fishbone ribbon with two-color printing

Arthouros Antonian is a renowned designer of jewelry, crowns, clothes and various objects, with his [...]

Politikos: Business logo printing on tissue paper

Another successful project has been added to the NewMan printing packaging file that refers to [...]

Danny Andreakou: Printed tissue paper for packaging clothes

Dania Andreakou designs the new clothes’ collection under the name Danny Andreakou, inspired by the [...]