Chandelier ’s Wax Melts: «The Melt Box»

On the enchanting island of Chios, lies the heart of Chandelier – a small business with a big vision. Dedicated to making 100% handmade and eco-friendly wax melts and soy candles, Chandelier is here to create a unique atmosphere.
The brand’s goal is to create unique, high quality candles that will not only make the room smell fragrant, but are not harmful to health when inhaled. The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in every aspect of the production process, from sourcing environmentally friendly materials to handcrafting each item with love and care.

In collaboration with Chandelier, we undertook to design a packaging that would not only protect their creations, but also be a visual extension of their brand’s character. The result? Custom sliding boxes in white with matte lamination, decorated with logo printing using the hotfoil printing method in a shade of rose gold.

At Newman Packaging we understand the needs of Chandelier’s products, particularly wax melts, which require a packaging solution that can retain their aroma and shape, while reflecting the handmade and high quality character of the brand. Our choice of sliding boxes not only provides the necessary protection, but also gives a sense of gifting to each recipient, enhancing the anticipation of the unique products hidden inside.
In a world where sustainability and luxury often seem to be at odds, Chandelier and Newman Packaging prove that the two can go hand in hand seamlessly. Together, we spread joy one packaging melt at a time.
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Photo Editor Newman Co. 2023