NewMan packaging Case Study for bottles and glasses

Packaging case study for bottles and glasses by NewMan.

NewMan Packaging mission is summarized in providing high-quality services and offering substantial and dynamic packaging and promotion solutions to our corporate clients.

Μελέτη συσκευασίας κουτιών από τη NewMan.
Τα κουτιά για μπουκάλια και ποτήρια κλείνουν με μαγνήτη.
Σχεδιασμός συσκευασίας - Παραγωγή συσκευασίας
Μελέτη συσκευασίας κουτιών για μπουκάλια και ποτήρια από τη NewMan.
Κουτί που ανοιγοκλείνει με πορτάκια.
Κουτιά για μπουκάλια και ποτήρια με σχεδιασμό NewMan.
Εξατομικευμένες συσκευασίες - Ειδικές παραγγελίες συσκευασίας.

Staffed with expert workforce, we follow new market trends and deeply inspect our customers’ needs, aiming to improve and promote their products at the final point of sale.

Packaging case study by NewMan.
Packaging case study by NewMan

This specific packaging study is aimed at wine bottles and glasses and includes strong cardboard packaging boxes that close with magnet.

Boxes for bottles and glasses that close with magnet.
Boxes for bottles and glasses that close with magnet

We suggest two packaging proposals to our client, that are compatible with his special needs and his company’s philosophy.

Packaging design – Packaging production
Packaging design Packaging production

The first option is an intricate box that opens like a window and has custom designed compartments for putting bottles in the middle and glasses on the right and the left side of the box.

Box that opens and closes like a window.
Box that opens and closes like a window

The second option is less complicated but also functional, containing inner custom-cut paper for the appropriate fitting of the products.

Custom-designed boxes for bottles and glasses by NewMan.
Custom designed boxes for bottles and glasses by NewMan

After processing our packaging proposals and samples, customers can apprise us of the color of their choice on both sides of the boxes as well as their products’ specific dimensions.

Customized packaging – Packaging custom orders.
Customized packaging Packaging custom orders

At NewMan Packaging Co., we are always willing to examine your company’s needs, upon custom request. Describe us how the ideal packaging looks like for you and leave the rest to NewMan!

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For custom orders, contact us and we will create your dream packaging with pleasure!

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