Melefsis: Packaging bags with logo

Melefsis: Printed packaging bags for honey.

Melefsis is a family run nomadic beekeeping company.

It was founded in 2013 by Petros Iliadis, driven by his interest in a more natural way of living, away from the city’s hectic life.

Σακούλες συσκευασίας δώρων με λογότυπο.
Υψηλή ανάλυση εκτύπωσης σε χάρτινες τσάντες πολυτελείας.
Εκτύπωση σε τσάντες χάρτινες χονδρικής με την τεχνική της μεταξοτυπίας.
Τυπωμένες σακούλες δώρων με επωνυμία.
Melefsis: Εκτυπωμένες τσάντες συσκευασίας για μέλι.

Melefsis’ mission is the collection of high-quality raw honey with the particular characteristics of each location’s plant life.

Melefsis team aims to supply their customers with a unique artisan product in every crop, collected by themselves and not repackaged, being always dedicated to the distribution of all bee products (bee pollen, wax, propolis & royal jelly) in a processed or raw form.

Gift packaging bags with logo.
Gift packaging bags with logo

NewMan Packaging printed shopping bags with the beekeeping company’s brand name, from our Burano luxury paper bag series.

The chosen bags’ size is 25x25x10 cm. The logo is made with the silk-screen printing in gold color.

Silk-screen printing on wholesale paper bags.
Silk screen printing on wholesale paper bags

Burano bags are made from high-quality matte black paper on both sides, while at the same time the bottom part is enforced with a mat black carton for extra strengthening.

The handle of the bag is made of a black cotton cord.

Printed gift bags with brand name.
Printed gift bags with brand name

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High-quality printing on luxury paper bags.
High quality printing on luxury paper bags

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