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Bima: Custom made box with logo

BI.MA. S.A. was founded in 2005 with the aim of providing [...]

Bright Navigation: Embossed printing on satin ribbon

For a brand like Bright Navigation shipping company, we couldn’t have [...]

Grand Forest Metsovo: Custom made box with golden hot foil printing

Grand Forest Metsovo is a small 5-star hotel set on the [...]

NSTY Galaxy: Sticker label with the brand’s logo.

Pop art logo made of two colors, intense tones and digital [...]

Area Synest: Embossed silk screen printing on grosgrain ribbon

Area Synest… the unique meeting point of Nature and Art. Sinevro [...]

BSoD: Printed custom made box

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), officially known as a Stop error [...]

Rich Coffee roasters: Printing on satin ribbons

From the wonderful island of Cyprus, the Rich Coffee roasters shop [...]

Tzakis Jewellery: Kraft eco-friendly sliding boxes for jewellery with logo

Tzakis Jewellery store is one of the oldest in Athens, located [...]

Margarita Jewels: Branded pouches and sticky labels

Daisy… one word, many thoughts and fragrances! Flowers, smells and colors [...]

Opus Jewellery: Logo printing on jewellery boxes and fabric pouches

A musician-filmmaker and a philologist-painter, both passionate about art and philosophy, [...]

Lyberis jewelry: Silver hot-foil printing on satin ribbons

Every jewel is precious… All it needs to stand out is [...]

Jewellery folding boxes or jewellery display trays? Pros and cons

Jewelry sampling has always been an important part of a goldsmith’s [...]

Giorgos Taxidis: Hot foil printing on custom made boxes

Some products such as photos, albums, picture frames, silverware, perfumes and [...]

Esthir Beauty Spot: Black printed logo on tissue paper

Beauty… a word so simple with deep roots in cultures around [...]

Jack in the Box: Printing on a sticky label

Jack in the Box started in 1995 in Kolonaki region and, [...]

Max Dilon: Die-cut boxes, aero metal envelopes and satin logo ribbons

A necessary ingredient for the success of a package is not [...]

MÉRBABE: Suede pouches with stripe and gold logo print

MÉRBABE is the spawn of two people, women, sisters, friends with the same [...]

Gournelos jewellery store: Red TLB paper bags with logo

The number one packaging color for Christmas is red with its [...]

Piedra Luna: Purple logo printing on sticky labels

Between the glam and sparkle of the days, the dreamy jewelry [...]

Grande Bretagne – King George Hotel: Christmas ribbons with logo

It’s Christmas outside… and NewMan Packaging is here to light up [...]

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Low Cost Paper Bags

Translucent Bags – 6 Sizes

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Backpack Cotton Pouch

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Bags for Gifts and Bijoux

Kraft paper bottle bags – 3 sizes

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Kraft wrapping paper

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