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Celestial: Custom packaging in lilac color and debossing printing

Packaging is often a customer’s first contact with a brand. It’s [...]

Paper Bags: Do you know their history?

NewMan Packaging has been in the packaging business for more than [...]

Chandelier ’s Wax Melts: «The Melt Box»

On the enchanting island of Chios, lies the heart of Chandelier [...]

Create your own personalised packaging!

At Newman Packaging, we give you the opportunity to express your [...]

La Marie: A complete unboxing experience!

La Marie is a brand that aims to bring out the [...]

Thease and its packaging: Revealing the peculiarity of nature

In a world where innovation often comes from the most unexpected [...]

Handora: elegance in jewellery and packaging

Handora is not just an online jewellery store. The company is [...]

Africanism Collection: woven clothing labels with logo

Empowerment, sustainability and interconnectedness: three words and many colours characterise the [...]

Peach Fuzz 13-1023: The 2024 shade!

In the ever-evolving world of design, colours play a key role [...]

Glow Today, Glow Everyday: Liami’s Journey into Elevating Women’s Style

In the world of fashion and jewellery, Liami stands out as [...]

Fine Foods Collection Customized Grosgrain by Newman Packaging

At Newman Packaging, innovation meets luxury, and our recent partnership with [...]

A fascinating journey through time

Embark on an exciting journey through time as we revisit a [...]

Unwrapping Joy: Almynoma ‘s Festive Custom Made Bijoux Boxes

It’s the season of joy, and at NewMan Packaging, we are [...]

Folli Follie: Custom pouches in brand colours

Revealing the glamorous world of Folli Follie: where fashion meets elegance [...]

Discover Petrol: Your Ultimate Multi-Brand Hangout for Greek Designer Fashion

Looking for a unique shopping experience that combines the essence of [...]

The Almynoma Nomadic Journey

In a world where the desire for salty experiences meets the [...]

AthenArt Jewelry: When Greece and modern elegance meet.

Behind the enchanting creations of AthenArt Jewelry is Athena. A designer [...]

Elina Linardaki: Crafting Luxury from Athens to the World

In the heart of glamorous Athens, a story of creativity unfolds, [...]

Puffin Gallery : Discover the timeless elegance of their jewellery

Welcome to the world of Puffin Gallery jewellery, where stainless steel [...]

Salt and Pepper Jeans: A Revolution in Handmade High-Quality Denim

Introducing Salt and Pepper Jeans – a name that has become [...]

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For Jewellery

Metal Jewellery Stands

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Low Cost Paper Bags

Translucent Bags – 6 Sizes

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Pouches - Sachets

Backpack Cotton Pouch

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Bags for Gifts and Bijoux

Kraft paper bottle bags – 3 sizes

0,360,45 (does not include VAT)

Tissue / Wrapping Paper

Kraft wrapping paper

4,27 (does not include VAT)
35,00 (does not include VAT)
6,29 (does not include VAT)
9,2010,88 (does not include VAT)
18,0620,48 (does not include VAT)
0,640,96 (does not include VAT)
0,721,77 (does not include VAT)

Bijoux Boxes

Premium paper boxbags

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0,300,32 (does not include VAT)