SOMA CREATIONS: Orange is the new Black

In this blog we’ll talk about how you can find the perfect packaging combination to suit your brand, just like Soma Creations did.
But first, let’s take a closer look at Soma Creations. Marianna and Sofia, two sister friends from beautiful Thessaloniki, started their professional collaboration with the human body as a background and based on mutual respect, honesty and creativity, they took their first steps in the jewelry business.
With a vision to make all women feel unique and happy, they create amazing jewelry that can adorn the body: hands, ears, neck, legs. Their goal is to embrace the uniqueness of each woman.
So together, we designed a unique packaging combination to embrace their jewelry. Wanting to stand out with their packaging they chose orange boxes and silver thermo print, combining the warm with the cool and creating a sensory experience that fills you with optimism. This packaging is not only designed to protect the jewellery but also to offer a unique experience to every woman who buys from Soma Creations.

Soma Creations custom packaging

The package includes:
Hard box with lid: Wrapped with Colorplan paper in Mandarin color, while the inside is lined with white paper. Their logo was printed with silver thermo printing for perfect contrast.
Velvet bases: In a white shade for the perfect support and presentation of their creations.
Cotton pouches: In off-white shade printed in the brand’s Pantone colour, providing perfect harmony to the whole package.
Packaging is the first impression your product gives to the consumer. It is important that it reflects the quality and identity of your brand. A good package should be functional, aesthetically pleasing and above all, compatible with the character of the brand. By playing cleverly with the colours of your logo and the textures of the packaging, you can upgrade your company’s marketing through the packaging that bears your name.
Our partnership with Soma Creations is an example of how carefully designed packaging can showcase your products and make your customers remember you every time they open their jewellery box drawer.
Thanks for visiting our blog! Stay tuned for more tips and ideas on packaging and enhancing your brand.
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