MEDIAPHARM: Custom Bijoux Boxes with Digital Printing

MEDIAPHARM LTD is a pharmaceutical company with a history  all the way back to 1991. The company’s focus is a commitment to the quality and safety of the health products it offers. It is dedicated to good health, prevention, treatment, quality of life and safety of medicines.
Desiring to offer high quality services to the pharmaceutical market, it needed a packaging that could meet the specific needs of its products.

MEDIAPHARM Custom Bijoux Boxes

So, in collaboration with MediaPharm, we created a custom bijoux box with white superfine paper and specific dimensions for their pharmaceutical products. The box is printed in two colours using digital printing.
It is important for every company to be able to find packaging that is tailored to their individual needs. Each company has its own unique identity and message that it wants to convey to its customers. Custom packaging can help to reinforce that identity and company image.
In addition, customers’ needs and preferences may differ. With customized packaging, the company can provide an experience that meets their needs and expectations. Just as it can improve the functionality of the product, protect its contents and make it easier for the end consumer to use.
At Newman Packaging, we customize packaging to meet the needs of each company, offering a personalized solution for each customer. We are here to help create packaging that will showcase the image and value of your products.
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