Tristan magic – The Magic Show: Boxes filled with pure … magic!

Tristan Magic - The magic show: Printed boxes for trickery.

The prize-winning artist George Arkomanis (Tristan) is one of the most distinguishable and talented people who specialize in art and spectacles.

His unique attributes as a magician, compositor and conductor made the legendary magician Michael Ammar give him the nickname “The Maestro Magician”.

Κουτιά συσκευασίας με εκτύπωση.
Tristan Magic - The magic show: Τυπωμένα κουτιά για μαγικά κόλπα.
Εξατομικευμένο κουτί με εσωτερικό βελούδο.
Θερμοτυπία στην εκτύπωση πάνω σε κουτιά χονδρικής.
Ειδικές παραγγελίες σε επώνυμα κουτιά με τύπωμα.
Σκληρά κουτιά για να συσκευάσετε αντικείμενα και προϊόντα.

His shows contain an unprecedented spectacle where magic, music, speech and move compose a new, exciting scope of expression and sign.

Packaging boxes with printing.
Packaging boxes with printing

Upon custom request, NewMan Packaging created “The Magic Show” boxes that are specially produced and tailored to our customer’s needs.

This box is made from black paper on both sides and includes an inner velvet that has inserts for keeping a usb stick and a rolled paper.

Customized box with inner velvet.
Customized box with inner velvet

For the message print that includes the logo and the artist’s name, we used the light gray hot-foil printing.

Hot-foil printing on wholesale boxes.
Hot foil printing on wholesale boxes

We take on the box design and printing of all types, customized and adapted for your special needs.

Rigid boxes for packing items and products.
Rigid boxes for packing items and products

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Custom orders on branded boxes with print.
Custom orders on branded boxes with print

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