L’Atelier du Parfum: Embossed printing on ribbons

L’Atelier du Parfum: Silk-screen printed grosgrain ribbons.

A perfume is a memory and a memory creates images…

Aiming to find and bring some sophisticated and remarkable perfumes in Greece, that are not standardized but they “tell a story”, L’Atelier du Parfum brand takes us to the destination of scents and senses.

L’Atelier du Parfum: Τυπωμένες κορδέλες γκρο με μεταξοτυπία.
Ανάγλυφη κορδέλα γκρο με εταιρική επωνυμία.
Κόκκινες και μαύρες κορδέλες γκρο με λογότυπο.
Επώνυμες κορδέλες για συσκευασίες δώρων.
Ανάγλυφη μεταξοτυπία σε κορδέλες χονδρικής.

At the store you will find candles and fresheners that put you at ease, perfume and show up your own space, always according with your personality.

The company’s motto is “high aesthetics and approachable luxury in unique combinations”.

Red and black grosgrain ribbons with logo.
Red and black grosgrain ribbons with logo

L’Atelier du Parfum company trusted us one more time for printing ribbons with its brand name for its packaging.

More specifically, we printed 15mm grosgrain ribbons in two color combinations: black ribbon with embossed white printing and red ribbon with embossed white printing.

For the prints, we used the embossed silk-screen printing technique.

Branded ribbons for gift packaging.
Branded ribbons for gift packaging

If you are interested about our ribbons, click the link.

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If you are still confused of what ribbon to print, feel free to check our photo gallery with previous projects.

Embossed silk-screen printing on wholesale ribbons.
Embossed silk screen printing on wholesale ribbons

Learn about silk-screen printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

Embossed grosgrain ribbon with corporate brand name.
Embossed grosgrain ribbon with corporate brand name

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