tassosmks: Printed packaging boxes for Tassos Moukas miniatures

Tassos Moukas - tassosmks: Packaging boxes for painting miniatures

Tassos Moukas, is a miniature painter located in Athens, Greece who has been operating in miniatures for war games and collectibles since 2019, based in Athens.

The main feature of his painting is the realistic depiction of his creations, with the use of a wide variety of products, which make his gigs “come to life” and acquire human characteristics.

Τάσος Μούκας - tassosmks: Κουτιά συσκευασίας για ζωγραφισμένες μινιατούρες.
Εξατομικευμένα κουτιά συσκευασίας κατόπιν ειδικής παραγγελίας.
Εκτύπωση σε συσκευασίες NewMan.
Σκληρά κουτιά με τύπωμα.
Λευκή μεταλλοτυπία σε μαύρα κουτιά συσκευασίας.
Τυπωμένα κουτιά συσκευασίας με λογότυπο.

He has a client focused mindset in each of his creations with the brand tassosmks and his great talent does not leave any fan unmoved.

Friends of “gigs” and collectors will love him, since his creations have a place in the collections of even the most demanding supporters.

Rigid boxes with print.
Rigid boxes with print

For the tassosmks brand and the delivery of those special miniatures, we could not make anything less than black paper rigid boxes with white hot-foil printing.

White hot-foil printing on black packaging boxes.
White hot foil printing on black packaging boxes

The boxes are cube-shaped and the sizes selected are: 12x12x12cm and 24x12x10cm, upon custom order.

Printed packaging boxes with logo.
Printed packaging boxes with logo

NewMan boxes are made in Greece in many sizes and shapes (square, rectangle, cube, frame or image), that you can find here.

Custom-made packaging boxes upon custom order.
Custom made packaging boxes upon custom order

Get inspired by other NewMan rigid boxes here.

Learn about hot-foil printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

Printing on NewMan packaging.
Printing on NewMan packaging

If you wish to learn more about our packaging products or if you have any other question, please contact us.

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