Stavrianakis Trans: Fishbone ribbons with two-color printing

Stavrianakis – Heraklion Crete: Printed packaging ribbon

Stavrianakis Trans” was created in 1966 by Emmanuel Stavrianakis in Heraklion, Crete.

After 30 years of operation, the reins of the company were taken over by the current President Pantelis Stavrianakis, who managed in a few years to promote the company as one of the best in Greece.

It is a partner of Coral SA, Shell & MOH, which are pioneers and leaders in the petroleum industry.

The company’s mission is to serve quickly, reliably and above all safely.

Wholesale ribbons with logo printing.
Wholesale ribbons with logo printing

During its operation, the Stavrianakis Trans team needed packaging ribbons that they printed in collaboration with NewMan Packaging, which stands out for the high quality of the fabrics and prints it uses.

By this token, we printed 15mm white fishbone ribbons with two colors printing of the brand in black and yellow, using the silk screen printing technique.

Double-sided branded fishbone ribbons with print.
Double sided branded fishbone ribbons with print

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Two-color silk-screen printing on fishbone ribbons.
Two color silk screen printing on fishbone ribbons

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