SARC: Gold foil printing on bright green suede pouches

SARC: NewMan printed packaging.

We are still going through the summer season and accepting gifts in ultra-summer packages can change our mood!

The joy and impatience for the surprise that a packaging hides is indescribable!

Βεραμάν σουέτ πουγκιά με χρυσοτυπία στο λογότυπο.
SARC: Τυπωμένα είδη συσκευασίας NewMan.
Σουέτ πουγκί συσκευασίας χονδρικής με εταιρικό τύπωμα.

The SARC pouches were produced with a lot of love for the creations of Anastasia Sirrou and Christina Roussi, in an elevated mood and bright green color!

These are small suede pocket-shaped pouches that close with a gold push-button, in the size of 125x105mm, with gold hot-foil printing of the SARC logo.

Bright green suede pouches with gold hot-foil logo printing.
Bright green suede pouches with gold hot foil logo printing

You can also create your own branded printed pouches here.

If you are interested in pouches-sachets, visit the page here to find out their types, sizes and colors.

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Suede wholesale packaging pouch with corporate print.
Suede wholesale packaging pouch with corporate print

Learn about hot-foil printing by clicking the relevant article.

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