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Eudaimonia Jewelry: Logo printing on jewellery boxes and pouches

“Eudaimonia”: eu (good) + demon (God, but also spirit / soul, self) “Eudaimonia” has its [...]

Glamjewels: Pink suede pockets with gold button and gold printing

Anna and Maria (when they copied each other at school ended up writing both names [...]

Speak Out – Hydra: Logo printing on packaging pockets for jewellery

Speak Out boutique opened in 2003 and is located in the harbor of Hydra Island. [...]

Avelia Nama: Sun and water meet NewMan pouches

Avelia Nama precious jewels are unique by design and sustainably hand-crafted by Elina Albertou. The [...]

mandarin jewels: Logo printing on suede pouches with satin ribbon

The love for fashion world and the belief that everyone can show off their personal [...]

Ego & esea: Gold hot-foil printing on bright green suede pouches

Ego & esea is the brand name of the products that host our new pocket [...]

Teal Heart: Turquoise hot-foil printing on suede jewellery pouches

Teal Heart is a Greek jewelry brand based in Athens, Greece. Teal Heart jewels are [...]

Athanasios Gournelos: Printing on double suede jewellery pouches

Nature moves us, excites us, gives us joy, makes us feel alive, travels us, inspires [...]

Viartvi: Printing on satin jewellery pouches

Viartvi jewellery store with a strong online presence via Etsy Shop and social media, has [...]

Among Emeralds: Gold hot-foil logo printing on jewellery boxes and pouches

Among Emeralds brand was created out of love for elegant and stylish jewelry. It is [...]