Cicada Gallery: Silver printing on packaging products

Cicada Gallery Crete: Paper, fabric and suede packaging with silver logo.

Alexandros Arabazoglou was born in Heraklion, Crete in 1970.

He comes from an artistic family and when he was a child, he became involved in the art of jewellery.

He designed and created unique pieces and was selected as a fine artist for the BBC channel.

Soon, he discovered his passion for harder materials and started to work with bronze and different kinds of stones, clay and glass.

After many years of work, he has created his own style in modern art, under the brand name “Cicada Gallery”, matching and using these materials together.

All his pieces are unique (edition of one).

Alexandros has taken part in many exhibitions around the world and many of his sculpture pieces are now held in private collections.

NewMan packaging with silver print.
Corporate name on wholesale packaging products.
Cicada Gallery Crete: Paper, fabric and suede packaging with silver logo.

We took care of the brand Cicada Gallery packaging in Elounda, Crete, consisting of jewelry pouches, luxury paper bags and printed grosgrain ribbons.

More specifically, the push-button pouches are suede, pocket-shaped with a silver button, in the sizes of 17x17cm and 10x8cm, on which the “CicadaGallery Elounta” logo was printed with the silver hot-foil printing method.

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Corporate name on wholesale packaging products.
Corporate name on wholesale packaging products

The selected Burano luxury paper bags are made of 200gr black mat paper in the size of 18x18x8cm, with black cotton cord as a handle and print of the “Cicada Gallery – sculpture contemporary jewels” logo, using the technique of silver hot-foil printing.

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NewMan company also produced 15mm black decorative grosgrain ribbons with silver “CicadaGallery Elounta” print, using silk-screen printing method.

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NewMan packaging with silver print.
NewMan packaging with silver print

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