Printed ribbon with Superman theme!


At Newman company you can now print on satin, grosgrain or fish-bone ribbons any design you want, using digital printing (four color print). The ribbon you see in the pictures, was a special order for a baptism, were we print the acronym of the child inside the superman’s logo while next to it there is the original logo of the superhero!

Digital printing on grosgrain ribbons

The digital print uses the four-color method, one of the most common printing methods. When we say four-color printing we mean the combination of 4 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) in order to create a very big palette of colors with infinite choices! The four-colored printing is ideal in cases were we want to work with high detail on colorful designs, images or drawings. In our website you can learn more about and the other printing techniques we use like the silk screen or hot foil printing techniques by reading our posts!

Digital printing on grosgrain ribbons
Digital printing on grosgrain ribbons

If you are interested to print your logo with the hot foil or the silk screen printing technique on ribbons check all the printed ribbon options here . Also if you want to print on any other packaging products or for any other information, please contact us.

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