Eudaimonia Jewelry: Logo printing on jewellery boxes and pouches

Eudaimonia Jewelry: Printing on jewellery packaging boxes and pouches.

“Eudaimonia”: eu (good) + demon (God, but also spirit / soul, self)

“Eudaimonia” has its roots in Ancient Greece, in the writings of Hesiod and originally meant “having the Demon by your side” i.e., God.

In time, the Demon becomes the spirit.

The soul, the self and the personal effort is added to good luck.

Eudaimonia Jewelry: Εκτύπωση σε κουτιά και πουγκιά συσκευασίας για κόσμημα.
Τυπωμένα είδη συσκευασίας με βαθυτυπία.
Επώνυμα πουγκιά και κουτιά για κοσμήματα.
Σουέτ πουγκιά σε σχήμα τσέπης με λωρίδα και εκτυπωμένο λογότυπο.
Χονδρικής προϊόντα συσκευασίας με υψηλής ποιότητας εκτυπώσεις.
Ειδικές παραγγελίες σε συσκευασίες με λογότυπο NewMan.

Nowadays “eudaimonia” is synonymous with the joy of self-realization, a feeling of complete mental satisfaction that comes “from the fulfillment of desires and the success of our goals”.

Eudaimonia does not only have one definition, nor one way to achieve it, but it is always related to the goals, values ​​and meaning that life has for us.

This is how the Ancient Greek philosophers described the meaning of eudaimonia in different ways, according to each one’s worldview and time of existence.

De-boss printing on packaging products.
De boss printing on packaging products

Eudaimonia Jewelry” brand established in Greece, and is founded by three Hellenic women – Maria, Chryssa and Eva – each with extensive experience in large multinational companies that decided to take a turn and partake in a self-made initiative to provide premium, ageless jewellery and crafts.

Their passion for distinctive, timeless style has its foundation in the culture, heritage, craftsmanship and beauty of the Hellenic spirit.

Urban architecture, geometry, nature, museum ceramics, or simply the movement of a skirt are just some of the sources of inspiration that have driven the designers to provide specific form to shapes and objects that, once they have been developed, make them feel the eudaimonia they are seeking for.

Branded jewellery pouches and boxes.
Branded jewellery pouches and boxes

NewMan Packaging took care of Eudaimonia Jewelry packaging, which consists of suede pouches and bespoke paper boxes.

More specifically, the suede pockets selected have an electric blue color and the size of 70x60cm, while their special feature is that they close with a strip of the same color and material.

Pocket-shaped suede pouches with a strip and logo printing.
Pocket shaped suede pouches with a strip and logo printing

The rigid jewelry paper boxes have the size of 8x8x3cm and anthracite (dark gray) color on the outside, while the inside is white.

In both types of packaging, the de-boss printing method was used to print the “Eudaimonia Jewelry” logo.

Wholesale packaging products with high-quality printing.
Wholesale packaging products with high quality printing

Create your own branded printed pouches here.

If you are interested in pouches-sachets, visit the page here to find out their types, sizes and colors.

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NewMan custom packaging orders with logo.
NewMan custom packaging orders with logo

Learn about de-boss printing by clicking the relevant article.

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