Area Synest: Embossed silk screen printing on grosgrain ribbon


Area Synest… the unique meeting point of Nature and Art.

Sinevro Area Synest Theme Park is an earthly paradise for young and old that was created to offer the visitor a complete experience of relaxation and spiritual upliftment, through unpretentious contact with nature, without special interventions.

“Syn” from Sinevros and “nest” are the components of the park’s brand name.

First of all is the creator’s love for birds, to which part of the name of the theme park is due.

Important is the location (Area) which is Sinevro (Syn) and the registered trademark is the (nest).

With highly aesthetic interventions in the incomparably wonderful natural landscape, but also with respect for nature, the founder of the space, Interior designer Martik Manikian, created a fairytale environment with the trademark of the nest in human dimensions.


The Area Synest Park shop features traditional products, handmade decorations and artwork, which are packaged with NewMan printed grosgrain ribbons.

The 38mm thick ribbons are stitched grosgrain in black color and have white embossed silk-screen printing of the Area Synest logo.

Grosgrain ribbon printed with the logo Area Synest

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White embossed silkscreen on grosgrain ribbon

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