NSTY Galaxy: Sticker label with the brand’s logo.


Pop art logo made of two colors, intense tones and digital printing! There is no doubt that NSTY Galaxy’s labels are as vintage as the lights of a discotheque and will be proudly standing by the clothes collection of the brand!

The new labels will be used for closing the glossy paper bags top, while imprinting the fuchsia color of the brand to the back end of the customers memory.

They will aso be used to keep safe the clothes inside the brand’s classy wrapping paper, creating an awesome unboxing experience while making the packaging look nice and groomed!


Sticking the pink label on the shipping box -either on the closure or just inside- you create a unique gift package, with your own personal logo.

At the end let’s not forget the Thank You card of your customer! At the backside of your label you can write with a permanent market a personal message for every different receiver! Your label will be used as a sticker echoing again and again the name of your brand!

If you wish more information for our products contact as at  sales@newman.com.gr
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Logotype on sticker label digitaly printed
Logotype on sticker label digitaly printed