Yianna Kalivioti – Preludio: Logo printing on suede packaging pouches

Yianna Kalivioti - Preludio: NewMan pocket pouch with corporate print.

George Gouveris, the owner of Preludio Fine Jewellery, has been in the jewellery business for the last 26 years.

He started his career as a sales person in a business in Barcelona, importing precious and semi-precious stones, then as a jewellery sales person in Athens, Mykonos and other jewellery hubs in Greece.

Πουγκιά για κοσμήματα με εκτύπωση εταιρικής επωνυμίας.
Yianna Kalivioti - Preludio: NewMan ποσέτα με εταιρικό τύπωμα.
Χρυσοτυπία σε σουέτ πουγκιά συσκευασίας.

Having strived in the sales department, he eventually came back to his home town, the city of Nafplio, where he opened Preludio in 1989.

Now after 15 years of work next to George, Yianna Kalivioti continues the philosophy of Preludio, producing handmade pieces of exclusive taste and unique quality.

The collections of the Preludio jewelry store in Nafplio include gold jewellery items 14 carat, 18K, 22K and sterling silver 925’, using different techniques such as hammering, sandblasting, granulation.

Gold hot-foil printing on suede packaging pouches.
Gold hot foil printing on suede packaging pouches

NewMan company took care of Yianna Kalivioti Preludio jewellery packaging, which includes suede pocket-shaped pouches with push button and with ribbon.

More specifically, the logo of the brand and the name of the creator of the jewelry were printed using the method of gold hot-foil printing on turquoise suede pocket-shaped pouches with push button, in the following sizes: 70x60mm, 100x80mm and 125x105mm, while in turquoise pouches with ribbon in the size of 200x140mm.

The push button is also gold, while the ribbon is turquoise.

Jewellery pouches with corporate name printing.
Jewellery pouches with corporate name printing

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