White Coast Pool Suites: Corporate logo on eco paper bags

White Coast Pool Suites: NewMan printed paper carrier bags for Milos’s hotel suites.

Named after the spectacular seaside white rock formations that are part of the property, White Coast Pool Suites adults-only hotel is located on a privately owned waterfront nature preserve of Milos Island.

Evoking a sense of tranquility and inner balance, the property overlooks the sunset and shares the same coastline and stunning rock formations as the famous Sarakiniko beach.

White Coast suites offer unparalleled natural beauty combined with architecture that inspires a feeling of luxurious simplicity.

Εκτύπωση εταιρικής επωνυμίας σε λευκές οικολογικές σακούλες.
White Coast Pool Suites: Τυπωμένες χάρτινες σακούλες NewMan για ξενοδοχείο της Μήλου.
Γκρι μεταξοτυπία σε χάρτινες οικολογικές σακούλες χονδρικής.
Οικολογικές τσάντες δώρου με εταιρικό λογότυπο.

From the signature custom room fragrance to the offered breakfast focusing on local organic products, every detail of your stay has been meticulously prepared.

White Coast suites is not just a resort; it is an opportunity for couples to leave everyday life behind and reconnect with nature and each other.

From the amazing sea and sunset views, to the unique shoreline, White Coast suites is a place where life is not just lived, it is enjoyed and appreciated.

Company name printing on white ecological bags.
Company name printing on white ecological bags

Whatever you want to pack, you can find it at NewMan Packaging.

Even if you work at a hotel, bank or service that has no obvious need for packaging, you will be amazed at how much convenience and luxury a customized bag or box, a personalized ribbon or label and a tissue paper with your own sign can provide.

Gray silk-screen printing on wholesale eco paper bags.
Gray silk screen printing on wholesale eco paper bags

For the White Coast Hotel of Milos Island, we created white ecological paper bags with a twisted handle with name printing.

The following bag dimensions were selected: 37×27 cm with a 12 cm bottom and 50×45 cm with a 14 cm bottom.

Our paper carrier bags with a twisted handle are made using recycled papers and are available in kraft and white color.

The gray silk-screen printing technique was used to print the White Coast Pool Suites logo on the bags.

Eco-friendly gift bags with corporate logo.
Eco friendly gift bags with corporate logo

You can see NewMan low-cost paper bags’ collection here.

If you are interested in printing on eco-friendly paper bags, take a look at our photo gallery by clicking here.

Learn more about the silk-screen printing from our post.

If you are interested to print your logo on packaging products or for any other information, please contact us.

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