Vassia Kostara For Gregio: Fishbone ribbon with black printing

Vassia Kostara For Gregio: Ribbons for Vassia Kostara jewellery at Gregio store.

Gregio company consists of a team of Greek gold and silver craftsmen, designers of original, inspirational and trendy jewelry since 1999, following the family tradition that dates back to the early 70’s.

At the store you will find an eclectic mix of authentic jewels in gold, silver and selected gems, that meet the demands of modern women for high quality and complete their look with that important special finishing touch.

Κορδέλες φακαρόλα με μαύρη μεταξοτυπία.
Vassia Kostara For Gregio: Κορδέλες για τα κοσμήματα της Βάσιας Κωσταρά με το κατάστημα Gregio.
Διακοσμητικές εκτυπωμένες κορδέλες για συσκευασία.
Επώνυμες κορδέλες χονδρικής με εκτύπωση.

Gregio jewels are modern, unique, glamorous, designed and manufactured exclusively in Greece.

This is exactly what the name “Gregio” states, the Greek spirit in jewelry.

The collaboration of Gregio company with Vassia Kostara contributed to the creation of a jewelry collection, inspired by the 70s, which is called Vassia Kostara For Gregio.

Black silk-screen printing on fishbone ribbons.
Black silk screen printing on fishbone ribbons

Bohemian influences and summer notes, absolutely harmonized with the designer’s aesthetics are found in necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, chains, amazing clothes, swimwear and watches.

NewMan Packaging created 15 mm wide fishbone ribbons in off-white color by printing the name of the collection using the method of black silk-screen printing.

Wholesale branded ribbons with printing.
Wholesale branded ribbons with printing

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Decorative printed ribbons for packaging.
Decorative printed ribbons for packaging

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