Tsiakiris Silk House: Boxes with the coat of arms of Greece

Tsiakiris Silk House: Printed boxes with the coat of arms of Greece.

Tsiakiris Silk House operates in silk production and processing in Soufli, Greece. With the utmost care and passion, it created a modern multi-purpose venue in order to elevate and protect the region’s rich tradition in silk art.

Packaging boxes in size of 25x25x2,5 cm.
Packaging boxes in size of 25x25x25 cm

Authentic silk embroideries, unique accessories such as batik scarfs, fichus, foulards and ties, silkscreens such as tables, counterpanes and pillows, silk fabrics, curtains and handcrafts are some of the produced goods in the industrial premises of Tsiakiris Silk House.

Packaging boxes in size of 10x26x2,5 cm.
Packaging boxes in size of 10x26x25 cm

In the Silk Art Museum, the visitors can take a look of the silk production stages through the exhibits. In addition, exhibitions as well as other art and cultural events taken place there.

Branded boxes with printing.
Branded boxes with printing

For Tsiakiris Silk House, NewMan Packaging printed paper rigid boxes for packaging.

According to the pictures, the sizes of the boxes are 10x26x2,5cm with 2cm lid and 25x25x2,5cm with 2cm lid.

The chosen color is textured blue on both sides of the boxes, while the coat of arms of Greece was printed in gold hot foil method.

Gold hot foil printing on rigid boxes.
Gold hot foil printing on rigid boxes

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