Ta Agioreitika: Gift paper boxes with gold logo printing

Ta Agioreitika: Gold logo on handmade boxes.

If you want to design your own custom-made gift boxes for your store with the printing of your brand you are in the right place.

Today, we will present you rigid paper packaging boxes of the following dimensions 6x6x3cm, 8x8x3cm and 10x10x4cm with gold hot-foil logo printing.

Κουτιά συσκευασίας για εκκλησιαστικά είδη.
Τα αγιορείτικα: Χρυσό λογότυπο σε χειροποίητα κουτιά.
Μπορντώ χάρτινα σαγρέ κουτιά με χρυσοτυπία.
Τυπωμένα κουτιά χονδρική με εταιρική επωνυμία.
Χρυσή εκτύπωση λογότυπου σε μικρά χάρτινα κουτιά.

The color chosen for the outside of the box is red burgundy and the outside paper is textured, which intensifies the feature of luxury in combination with the gold print.

The inside of the boxes is white.

Gold hot-foil printing on red burgundy textured paper boxes.
Gold hot foil printing on red burgundy textured paper boxes

With a lot of love and respect for the Orthodox worship and Mount Athos, the store “Ta agioreitika” is operating in the field of ecclesiastical items since 2000.

Its main concern is to offer the handiwork of the monks of Mount Athos, who create for you with religiosity and traditional art.

Packaging boxes for ecclesiastical items.
Packaging boxes for ecclesiastical items

The search for ecclesiastical items does not stop only inside Mount Athos but is relentless with collaborations with the most famous craftsmen of ecclesiastical items.

The goal of the store “Ta Agioreitika” is the delivery of products in high quality with the best prices and has reached the point where it can offer even wholesale prices of many types in stores and temples.

Wholesale printed boxes with corporate name.
Wholesale printed boxes with corporate name

Consult the NewMan samples guide to find the right type and color of paper to make your own boxes.

Get inspired by other NewMan rigid boxes here.

Gold logo printing on small paper boxes.
Gold logo printing on small paper boxes

Learn about hot-foil printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

For more information or if you want to print your logo on packaging products please contact us.

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