Simply Elegant: Printed jewellery boxes with low postage cost

Simply Elegant: Low charge jewelry mailboxes.

We welcome autumn with new innovative packaging ideas for your products.

Simply Elegant: Κουτιά ταχυδρόμησης κοσμημάτων με χαμηλή χρέωση.
Σκληρά κουτιά για αποστολές προϊόντων μέσω ταχυδρομείου (τιμή φακέλου).
Ασημοτυπία σε σκληρά κουτιά για κοσμήματα.
Custom-made κουτιά για αποστολές κοσμημάτων μέσω ταχυδρομείου.
Εταιρική επωνυμία σε κουτιά συσκευασίας χονδρικής.
Ασημί εκτύπωση σε κουτιά κοσμημάτων.

In an effort to meet our customers’ need for reduced costs and gaps in the packaging market, we thought of making boxes with the ideal dimensions for delivering jewelry and small items abroad through post office at no extra charge.

Rigid boxes for product shipment through post office (low-priced).
Rigid boxes for product shipment through post office low priced

More specifically, these boxes in the sizes of 40x40x17 mm, 60x60x17 mm and 80x80x17 mm have the price of a simple envelope when shipped via post office, which minimizes the costs of a business or an e-shop.

Silver hot-foil printing on rigid jewellery boxes.
Silver hot foil printing on rigid jewellery boxes

NewMan custom-made mailboxes with “Simply Elegant” brand name are black rigid boxes inside-out with a 6mm inner velvet with inserts for jewelry placement, while the silver hot-foil printing method was used for the logo.

Corporate name on wholesale packaging boxes.
Corporate name on wholesale packaging boxes

You can see more samples of high-quality papers and special specifications for box making by clicking here.

Get inspired by other NewMan rigid boxes here.

Custom-made boxes for jewellery shipping through post office.
Custom made boxes for jewellery shipping through post office

Learn about silver hot-foil printing by clicking the relevant article.

Silver print on jewellery boxes.
Silver print on jewellery boxes

If you wish to learn more about our packaging products or if you have any other question, please contact us.

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