Olivelab Naturals: Ribbon clothing label tags with printing

OLIVELAB NATURALS products that are handcrafted in Greece, are produced with 100% natural, certified materials.

They include all natural olive oil cosmetics, shaving accessories, handbags, artistic & deco items, zero waste products for your bathroom or kitchen.

The main ingredient is the extra virgin organic olive oil.

Handcrafted goods offer higher quality, more attention to detail and it takes less energy than a mass production assembly line, so it is more environmentally sustainable.

Producing handmade goods means that there are fewer of them, so whatever you’re getting is as unique as you are.

“Made by hand” means that they are designed, touched and worked with materials and created to be something beautiful.

They’re always slightly imperfect and this is what makes them … perfect.

Clothing label tags – ribbons with printing details.
Clothing label tags ribbons with printing details

NewMan Packaging company printed packaging ribbons for the OLIVELAB NATURALS brand as well as ribbons – clothing labels / tags, with instructions on the products quality material, washing and origin.

The first item consists of black grosgrain ribbons, 15mm wide, printed with the OLIVELAB NATURALS logo, using the white silk-screen printing method.

The second type of ribbon was made so that it could be cut on the marks that are spotted on it and sewn onto clothes and accessories as a tag, after being folded.

The clothing labels tags are made of 38mm luxury satin ribbons in white color with black letters, using the silk screen printing technique.

The letters include the company logo and details about the technical and functional characteristics of the product on which they will be sewn.

Corporate clothing label tags – woven labels for clothes.
Corporate clothing label tags woven labels for clothes

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