Narkissos Brasserie: Stitched grosgrain ribbons with logo

Narkissos Brasserie: Printed packaging ribbons.

Its arrival at Ekali gave life to Narcissus, the legendary region spot from Kanakis family which has already left its mark on pastry making. By this token, the two legends banded together and Narkissos Brasserie was born.

The building of 1932 has been totally restored in a minimal design, cosy food rooms, a wonderful yard and a kitchen pantry, while the country aura is fully attuned with the lush green scenery of the region.

Stitches grosgrain ribbons with silk-screen print.
Stitches grosgrain ribbons with silk screen print

For the Ekali’s Narkissos bar-restaurant, NewMan Packaging created 38mm stitched grosgrain ribbons in olive green color with white stiches and white silk-screen printed logo.

Branded ribbons for brasseries.
Branded ribbons for brasseries

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Printed brand name on stitched grosgrain ribbons.
Printed brand name on stitched grosgrain ribbons

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