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La Baguette: Printed ribbons and sticky labels for a pastry shop

Pastry shops and bakeries are among the companies that use a wide range of packaging [...]

Melt: Two printing methods on branded ribbons

The ice cream parlor Yo n Ice from Batsi of Andros, one of the famous [...]

Merci Bakery & Patisserie: Printed ribbons in pastel colors with embossed logo

Merci pastry shop fills us every day with the rich flavors and taste of sweets [...]

Mpourousis: Double-sided satin ribbons with logo

The family business of raw materials and confectionery “Mpourousis” has been operating for 33 years [...]

Savazio Patisserie: Printed ribbons for Easter

This wonderful season of the year that we celebrate Easter has arrived … NewMan Packaging [...]

Buttermilk patisserie: Satin ribbons with logo printing

NewMan Packaging created decorative satin ribbons with the logo printing for the Buttermilk confectionery workshop. [...]

Savazio Patisserie: Ribbons … with love for Valentine’s day

St. Valentine’s day is coming, when love, romance and passion dominate. A clever and wonderful [...]

Narkissos Brasserie: Stitched grosgrain ribbons with logo

Its arrival at Ekali gave life to Narcissus, the legendary region spot from Kanakis family [...]

Savazio Patisserie: Printed ribbons for pastry shops

Savazio Patisserie in Rhodes prepares candies for you that are inspired by the passion and [...]