Luxury paper bag for Krontira Jewellery shop

Krontira Jewellery shop was established in 1922 and its been located in the center of Lamia since 1928. Nowdays, Krontira’s 3rd generation continues to work with respect to the precious legacy and a touch of modern times.

Κροντηρά χρυσοχοειο Λαμια
Paper bag with golden print
Χάρτινη τσάντα με εκτύπωση
Paper hot-foil printed bag

We printed the logos and addresses on luxury embossed paper bags in different sizes with golden hot-foil printing. To be more specific, the bags from TLB embossed paper bag series in ivory color with logo print in gold color.

Read more about hot-foil printing technique here.

Χρυσή εκτύπωση σε χάρτινη τσάντα
Golden logo printed on luxury paper bag
TLB ανάγλυφη τσάντα με χρυσή εκτύπωση
TLB embossed paper bag with golden logo print

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