Logo Labels

Τυπωμένες αυτοκόλλητες ετικέτες

Transparent sticker labels can be printed in any color you wish. Most jewelers prefer gold or silver because it refers to the material of the jewellery. Of course, fashion has changes the rules and all colors are now used in jewellery logos. There is no restriction in the colors we can print on the sticker labels for your packaging.

Sticker labels are mostly used in jewellery, gifts and accessories packaging. We seal a gift paper bag with a sticker label. It is much prettier that seal it with a stapler. Hence, sealing a gift bag with a logo printed label is another way of promoting your brand name. We can print in any color your logo, address, phone numbers and/or website.

For the sticker labels you see in the pictures, we used hot-foil printing technique. Besides each label roll you can see the metal dies used for printing with this technique.

Read more about hot-foil printing here. If you would like to print your logo on sticker labels contact us.

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