How much do NewMan printed packaging products cost?

Many times, you see impressive prints on custom products on Instagram or Pinterest and wonder “How much do they cost?”

The price of a non-standard packaging product such as bag, box, pouch, ribbon, tissue paper, adhesive tape, stamp, etc., depends on many factors because it is a “special order” or “a custom-made packaging”.

Obviously, there are some fixed costs for prints, maquettes, shipping by courier companies etc. that are listed in detail on our site, but let us take a closer look on what a wholesale packaging price depends on?

The logo you prefer

One of the most important elements that make a package special is the logo that will be printed on it.

The logo is one of the elements that will give character to your packaging and will capture your personal style.

But before we get to printing, there are many questions we need to answer:

Σκληρά κουτιά με το λογότυπο για την μπύρα Βεργίνα.

  • What type of printing do you prefer? (There are many types of printing for different type of products, for example silk-screen printing, hot-foil printing, digital printing, flexographic printing, offset printing, UV printing, etc.)
  • What size it will be? (the logo needs to fit nicely on the bag, box, ribbon or tissue paper)
  • Which and how many colors will it contain?
  • If you have a ready-made maquette, it needs to be in vector graphic format in order to get printed correctly. Otherwise, we will need to customize your maquette for the desired packaging.

Desirable quantity

For each packaging product there is a minimum quantity of printing that varies among products. Once we have decided how you want the logo to be printed on the product in combination with the desired quantity that must be at least equal to the minimum possible per product, the cost of your custom order arises.

  • NewMan Packaging respects its customers and therefore it is impossible to tell you a random cost for a possible printing of a random quantity of a product without knowing the above variables. Each special order is tailored to your needs.

Previous cooperation

Customers who frequently purchase products from us have more favorable terms of purchase such as no extra print template, a credit note or a special agreement. (We keep a file of the dies that have been used once and if they match with the maquette upon your next order, they are used at no extra charge).

The special features

Το κρυφό πιάσιμο στο χερούλι της τσάντας Gofrato.

The special characteristics of the packaging items affect their cost.

For example, the number of spools of a ribbon, the type of handle you will choose for your bag (flat, twisted, fishbone, cotton, satin ribbon), even the content of a box (with velvet pad, with inner tissue paper, with foam).

It is best for you to contact us to help you create the right kind of packaging for your unique products and at the right price.

The shipping method

  • If it’s possible, it is in your best interest to receive your order from our store at str. 10 Thiseos, Syntagma
  • In case your order needs to be shipped, we need to know the exact region, as well as the weight of the products in order to calculate the shipping costs.

σατεν κορδελα, σατεν, κορδελες, τυπωμενες κορδελες

Extra Tips and Tricks for your best service!

  • Communication via e-mail is safer. It is easier for us to complete your order and create your Custom packaging exactly as you have ever imagined it!
  • Do not forget to always include your corporate VAT in the e-mail and as many details as you can about your customized order.
  • Remember that because we have made a product to another customer and promoted it on our social media accounts or/and in our store, it does not mean that yours will have the same price or the same terms of agreement.
  • Our staff are always at your disposal! With each of your orders you help us become better and fill the market with new beautiful and special packaging!

So… Are you ready for your order?!

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