Georgette Lingerie: Colorful satin ribbons with embossed gold printing

Georgette Lingerie fashion brand: High-quality satin packaging ribbon with gold print.

The choice of the right packaging is not made by chance…

It matches the personality & style of the artist – inspirer as well as the identity he/she has attributed to his/her products (brand identity).

Χρωματιστές κορδέλες συσκευασίας με λογότυπο.
Σατέν κορδέλες διπλής όψης χονδρικής.
Georgette Lingerie fashion brand: Κορδέλα συσκευασίας από υψηλής ποιότητας σατέν και χρυσή εκτύπωση.
Ανάγλυφο τύπωμα εταιρικής επωνυμίας σε σατέν κορδέλα.
Ανάγλυφη χρυσή μεταλλική μεταξοτυπία σε διακοσμητικές σατέν κορδέλες.
Επώνυμες επαγγελματικές κορδέλες NewMan.

This time, we will talk about the multi-colored packaging, which is consistent with the colorful personality of Georgette Lingerie’s brand ambassador, Eleni Theodoropoulou.

It’s about a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, who has learned from an early age to endeavor, claim and love what she does, putting soul and character into every step she takes.

Colorful packaging ribbons with logo.
Colorful packaging ribbons with logo

With Georgette Lingerie fashion brand, Eleni Theodoropoulou envisages a personalized customer service throughout the entire shopping process, where every customer will be given the opportunity to relax, open his soul and take absolute satisfaction from the purchase of his products.

Eleni’s multiyear experience in fashion and clothing gives every woman the glow she deserves.

The ultimate goal of the brand is to highlight feminine beauty and power.

Embossed gold metallic silk-screen printing on satin decorative ribbons.
Embossed gold metallic silk screen printing on satin decorative ribbons

Colorful woman personality and colorful fabrics found the ideal packaging in NewMan’s colorful ribbons.

From pastel colors such as veraman, ciel, lilac, dusty pink, ecru and beige to the boldest white, black and burgundy red, NewMan Packaging’s 16mm luxury satin ribbons complete an unboxing experience to the ultimate degree.

Wholesale double-faced satin ribbons.
Wholesale double faced satin ribbons

To print the logo, the embossed gold metallic silk-screen printing method has been used.

Shine & color mean light, and light gives joy & pleasure, creating exciting unboxing experiences for customers!

Embossed corporate name printing on a satin ribbon.
Embossed corporate name printing on a satin ribbon

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NewMan branded business ribbons.
NewMan branded business ribbons

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