Antonini jewels: NewMan printed packaging for Antoninis jewellery store

Antonini jewels: Gold hot-foil printing on wholesale branded packaging.

Antonini jewels store specializes in the sale of Greek quality jewelry with precious stones and watches of high value.

At the store you will find well-known brands of luxury jewelry and accessories such as Vogue, Luxenter, Hugo Boss, Festina, Trussardi, Hirsch and Ania Haie.

Antonini jewels: Χρυσοτυπία σε επώνυμα είδη συσκευασίας χονδρικής.
Χάρτινες τσάντες πολυτελείας με λογότυπο.
Κουτιά κοσμημάτων με εταιρική επωνυμία.
Είδη συσκευασίας κοσμημάτων με εκτύπωση λογότυπου.
Σακούλες δώρων και κουτιά συσκευασίας για κόσμημα με τύπωμα.
Χρυσοτυπία σε τσάντες πολυτελείας και κουτιά κοσμημάτων.
Χρυσή μεταλλοτυπία σε είδη συσκευασίας για αδαμαντοπωλείο.

In addition, jewelry and watch repair services are provided.

For the Antonini jewels diamond shop, NewMan company created jewellery packaging using the gold hot-foil printing method, consisting of luxury bags and high-quality boxes.

Jewellery packaging with logo printing.
Jewellery packaging with logo printing

More specifically, ecru jewellery boxes were selected from the K NewMan jewellery box collection for wide rings, crosses, bracelets, wedding rings and necklaces while from the DRP jewelry box series for large crosses.

Gold hot-foil printing on luxury bags and jewellery boxes.
Gold hot foil printing on luxury bags and jewellery boxes

The K series boxes were printed on the inside with the gold hot-foil printing technique, while in the DRP boxes the printing was applied on the outside on the lid of the boxes.

Jewelry boxes with corporate name.
Jewelry boxes with corporate name

In addition, the pyramid-shaped bags with a ribbon and a cord in two sizes 25x25x12 cm and 15x15x10 cm were selected, in which the logo of the jewellery store was printed with the same method of gold metal printing.

Luxury paper bags with logo.
Luxury paper bags with logo

In our store, 10 Thiseos str, Syntagma, you can easily create your own jewelry packaging set, achieving uniformity, consistency and elegance.

Gold metal printing on jewellery packaging for a diamond store.
Gold metal printing on jewellery packaging for a diamond store

Get a taste of our printed projects in jewelry boxes at the following link.

See other printed luxury bags by NewMan in our photo gallery here.

Gift shopping bags and packaging boxes for jewellery with print.
Gift shopping bags and packaging boxes for jewellery with print

Learn about hot-foil printing technique by clicking the relevant article.

For more information or if you want to print your logo on packaging products please contact us.

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