ANTHERIS: Logotype printing on courier boxes and sticky labels

Antheris: Printing of professional packaging and logo design.

ANTHERIS is a mother and daughter fashion venture.

Driven by the fabulous power of passion, it designs for the ideal wardrobe embracing femininity, sophistication and elegance.

Antheris clothes embody Greek aesthetics drawing inspiration from Greece’s blue and brilliant sun.

Λογότυπο σε κουτιά ταχυδρόμησης και εταιρικά αυτοκόλλητα.
Τυπωμένα είδη συσκευασίας NewMan με εταιρική επωνυμία.
Antheris: Εκτυπώσεις επαγγελματικής συσκευασίας και σχεδιασμός λογότυπου.

In the Antheris store you will find timeless, well-tailored garments made from sustainable natural fabrics in linen, cotton, silks, Tencel, jerseys as well as fluid silhouettes that are brought to life through airy fabrics, confident prints and unique detailing.

It is a luxury youth-driven women-wear Greek brand that celebrates individuality, authenticity, sustainability aligned with its original vision: sophisticated femininity, a passion for quality, refined detail and a love for color.

NewMan company took care of ANTHERIS brand packaging, which consists of kraft courier boxes with logo and branded sticky labels.

NewMan printed packaging with corporate name.
NewMan printed packaging with corporate name

More specifically, e-shop kraft boxes made of e-flute cardboard were selected, which have the size of 29x25x8cm and a printed logo, using the white silk-screen printing method.

The courier boxes from recyclable, ecological 3 sheets carton, ondulé, corrugated, full kraft, 1.6mm thick with rigid design are delivered in flat/open format and can be easily assembled by yourself.

Take a look at more NewMan printed kraft corrugated boxes here.

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Logo printing on courier boxes and business stickers.

Logo printing on courier boxes and business stickers.In addition, we created self-adhesive labels on a transparent background, which have a round shape, 5cm wide and printed letters, using the method of hot-foil printing in black and gold.

The minimum amount of printing on self-adhesive labels is 1,000 pieces.

You can see pictures from NewMan printed sticky labels in “Photo Gallery” category of our site here.

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