A fascinating journey through time

Embark on an exciting journey through time as we revisit a major achievement that echoes the beauty of ancient Greece and the innovation of the modern era. In 2019, Newman Packaging was the winner of the 2019 Greek Visual Communication Design Awards (VDCA), securing the coveted first place with a captivating packaging design for its jewellery collection of Unravel Design Studio,where they seamlessly combine the substance of ancient Greek statues and the wonder of 3D printing.

Ελληνικά Βραβεία Σχεδιασμού Οπτικής Επικοινωνίας (ΕΒΓΕ)

At the heart of this award-winning packaging is a kraft box – a symbolic tribute to the transport of ancient statues from their excavation sites. The choice of material not only pays homage to history, but also sets the scene for the narrative that unfolds inside. The exterior of the box serves as a canvas that whispers stories about the intricate process of 3D printing that brings the jewels of Unravel.

Inside the jewel, a masterpiece in its own right, is surrounded by its exact negative – a series of kraft leaves, each uniquely cut to embrace the piece with precision. This inner nest is a powerful tribute to the excavation process, reflecting the careful uncovering of ancient statues from the depths of the earth.
Newman Packaging’s design goes beyond mere functionality; it tells a story. The combination of kraft, 3D printing and intricate designs forms a harmonious symphony, weaving together the threads of tradition and innovation. The packaging not only protects the precious jewellery it contains, but also transports the wearer to a time when art and history coexisted in perfect harmony.

In the wake of Newman Packaging’s victory, together with Unravel, we immerse ourselves in a journey through time – an exploration of their history, innovation and harmonious fusion. As we celebrate their success at EVGE 2019, we are reminded that true genius lies in the ability to weave together the threads of past and present, creating designs that transcend the boundaries of time.

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