Wild Duck: Matchbox-type boxes with logo

Wild Duck: Silk-screen printed boxes for restaurant.

Wild Duck restaurant in Nafplio, Greece excites every demanding visitor who searches for delicious flavors. Neat accommodation, familiar and cozy atmosphere, tasting menus and a large wine list will make your visit unique.

NewMan Packaging offered to the Wild Duck restaurant eco-friendly matchbox-type kraft boxes in the size of 63x102x41 mm (No3) with black silk-screen printed logo.

The restaurant uses these boxes for giving its customers change from the bill after finishing their lunch/dinner.

Then, the latter, keep the box for other personal use and see the restaurant’s name every day.

By this token, these boxes contain a clever idea of a store’s promotion and advertisement, while there are more possibilities to bring back its customers because they will never forget the company and its service.

Matchbox-type printed boxes with logo.
Matchbox type printed boxes with logo

These paper boxes are made from hard E-flute microwelle – ondule cardboard and close like a drawer (just like a matchbox).

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Eco-friendly printed kraft boxes.
Eco friendly printed kraft boxes

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