The Almynoma Nomadic Journey

In a world where the desire for salty experiences meets the charm of minimalist boho chic, there is a Greek paradise known as Almynoma. Katerina and Tasos, are the creative minds behind this unique venture, where a passion for fashion and a love for jewelry converge to create something truly extraordinary.

This journey began with their unwavering love for the latest fashion trends and their insatiable passion for jewellery. What started as a hobby soon grew into a thriving business, fueled by their dedication and creativity.

At the heart of Almynoma is a powerful blend of love and creativity. It is this fusion that makes their creations stand out, giving each piece unique charm and personality. Each necklace, bracelet and earring made by Almynoma tells a story, reflecting the passion and creativity that defines the brand.

But they don’t stop at just creating exquisite jewellery. It’s an entire experience carefully packaged in custom bijoux boxes in a pink hue that we created for them. Their logo has been gold-printed to tie in harmoniously with their boxes of choice.

Inside these custom boxes, there is pink touch paper to protect the jewellery during transport. It’s clear that Almynoma doesn’t just make jewelry; it curates experiences.

Let’s follow Katerina and Tasos on their creative journey, where love and creativity intertwine to deliver the best boho chic jewelry.



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