So.Phy jewelry: Printed suede pouches for jewellery with logo

So.Phy jewelry: Newman suede pouches with metallic printing.

So.Phy creates unique timeless jewelry that are designed and handcrafted in Greece and are made of 925 sterling silver.

Modern jewelry art is not looking for perfect jewelry.

Χρυσοτυπία και ασημοτυπία σε πουγκιά συσκευασίας.
Πουγκιά σε σχήμα τσέπης με εκτύπωση λογότυπου.
Πουγκιά για κοσμήματα και αξεσουάρ με τυπωμένη επωνυμία.
So.Phy jewelry: Newman σουέτ πουγκιά με μεταλλοτυπία.

Every piece of jewelry is perfect with its imperfections, as are people though.

So.Phy jewelry brand knows this well and proposes a series of jewels with an art philosophy.

Pocket-shaped pouches with printed logo.
Pocket shaped pouches with printed logo

Nothing less than a simple but timeless packaging could be chosen for this special jewellery.

So, the brand trusted NewMan Packaging to have her logo printed on light gray suede pocket pouches, using the gold and silver hot-foil printing.

Gold and silver hot-foil printing on packaging pouches.
Gold and silver hot foil printing on packaging pouches

NewMan has a huge variety of small jewelry cases – pouches, that you can find in the following link.

If you are interested in printed pouches and especially for available colors, shapes and prices, click this link.

Feel free to check our photo gallery with previous printed suede pouches.

Pouches for jewellery and accessories with printed name.
Pouches for jewellery and accessories with printed name

Learn about gold and silver hot-foil printing (metal printing) technique by clicking the relevant article.

If you wish to learn more about our packaging products or if you have any other question, please contact us.

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