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The “Politikos” department store, founded in 1978, first implemented in the District of Lamia the successful “Shop in a Shop” institution that found immediate response in the local community.

Packaging silk-screen printed ribbons.
Packaging silk screen printed ribbons

In its current form it marks the latest developments in fashion and constitutes the largest Regional Department Store in Greece. This Department Store has women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, accessories, sportswear, lingerie, home accessories and a complete cosmetics department. It hosts more than 150 branded brands, is constantly updated, offers high quality services, unique benefits, and attracts hundreds of new consumers every day.

NewMan ribbons decorate gift bags and other packaging products.
NewMan ribbons decorate gift bags and other packaging products

NewMan Packaging printed high-quality white fishbone ribbons (or, in other words, with herringbone pattern) 15mm with black silk-screened logo for the brand “Politikos”, giving solution to the decoration of its packaging products.

Printed ribbons with logo.
Printed ribbons with logo

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Printing on fishbone ribbon
Printing on fishbone ribbon

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